Orbaneja de la sierra

Orbaneja de la sierra

The merindades

The map shows the origin of the trip (Quintanar de la Sierra) with a green icon with the letter “A” and the destination (Orbaneja del Castillo) with a red icon with the letter “B”. The blue line represents the road route to follow to get from Quintanar de la Sierra to Orbaneja del Castillo.

If your car has an average fuel consumption of 7l/100Km, you will need 10.4 liters to cover the 149 km distance between Quintanar de la Sierra and Orbaneja del Castillo. If you use 95 gasoline, the estimated cost to go to Orbaneja del Castillo from Quintanar de la Sierra is 13 €.

Orbaneja del castillo how to get there

It was an alternative route to the so-called French route, which passed through San Martín de Elines and Santa María de Cervatos. Also, the Catholic Monarchs granted this distinguished village the title of Villa, so its inhabitants were exempt from paying taxes.

Its crystalline waters spring from the base of the Cueva del Agua, a cavern that opens in the rocky cliff that presides over the village, and divides it into two parts: Villa and Puebla, completely conditioning the life of its people.

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At present, the cave can be visited with a guide and you can walk a long way inside it. Although there is no water in the cave, you can hear the sound of the nearby water echoing off the walls.

In the past, this water used to move the stones of five flour mills distributed around the side of the cave, of which there are still remains today. Its waters plunge some 20 meters towards the Ebro, breaking up into foam over crystal-clear pools of water.

The village, on a permanent slope, has been built on a few narrow terraces of tuff stone. The abundance of this material, singularizes the own popular architecture, being used profusely in the construction.


Head north on Ruerrero-Orbaneja del Castillo (BU-643)Turn left onto N-623Slight left onto Avenida Burgos (N-623)Turn left onto N-623Bypass right onto N-627Stay left onto A-73Bypass left onto BU-30Stay right onto E-5Bypass left onto A-1Stay left onto E-5 A-1: SoriaTake the downhill 230 towards SoriaAt the traffic circle take the 2nd exit onto N-234At the traffic circle take the 2nd exit onto N-234Turn slightly leftTurn slightly right onto N-234aTurn left onto CL-117Turn right onto CL-117Turn leftYou have reached your destination, on the left.

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The main itinerary is the most optimal route for your trip in distance and duration but there may be an alternative route so before starting the trip it is advisable to check suggested routes, tolls, traffic incidents and road conditions Source: DGT. Use the map zoom to locate gas stations near the origin location. The red color identifies the cheapest gas station. Measured by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.


Today we approach one of the most picturesque villages in the province of Burgos, Orbaneja del Castillo, located in the Sedano Valley and declared a Historic-Artistic Site. Formed by its urban layout and the beautiful waterfall that passes through the village in its fall into the Ebro River.

Leaving from Burgos city you must follow the N-623 to Escalada, where the BU-643 road starts and from there it is only 5 kilometers to Orbaneja del Castillo. Only the residents of Orbaneja del Castillo can park their vehicles in the town center, but there are three parking lots for tourists at the entrance.

The best time to visit Orbaneja del Castillo is during spring and summer, although it is better to do it during the week, since on weekends the town will be crowded and you will have to get up very early in the morning to visit the town quietly. Do not forget to book well in advance, as it is a very popular destination in Burgos.

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In the village of Orbaneja del Castillo, Mozarabs, Christians and Jews lived together. Of the Jewish presence only the memory remains in some of its street names. On this site the Knights Templar built the Convent and Hospital of San Albín, in charge of offering shelter and protection to pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago along the French route.