Bono social electrico endesa

Bono social electrico endesa

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The Government has extended the subsidies of the social bonus to protect vulnerable consumers. These measures will be in force until March 31, 2022, when wholesale market prices are expected to be lowered:

You can apply for the bono social de luz with Endesa through the Group’s Reference Reseller, Energía XXI. To do so, you must complete the PDF application form and send it along with all the necessary documentation to the following e-mail address: [email protected] or to any of the offices of Energía XXI.

You can also download the mobile application “Energía XXI Bono Social” to apply for or renew the discount. If you choose this option, you will have to provide the personal data of the contract holder and the members of the family unit, data of the supply point and photographs of all the necessary documentation.

All users who need to renew the social voucher with Endesa must send a new application and provide all the documentation to justify that they still meet the conditions of vulnerable consumers.

Social gas voucher

Vulnerable customers receive a 25% discount on their bill under the general conditions of the social bonus. With the implementation of the new RDL 23/2021 of October 26, the discount is increased to 60% until March 31, 2022.

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Pensioners: the applicant (or in the case of a family unit, all members of the same) who have income, receive the minimum pension (retirement or permanent disability) and do not receive other income whose annual aggregate amount exceeds €500.

This category includes those severely vulnerable customers who are being attended by the social services of an autonomous or local administration that finances at least 50% of the amount of their bill.

The discounts of the social bonus on the total bill are subject to a limit on energy consumption, indicated in the list for each case. If these consumption limits are exceeded, the PVPC tariff will be applied without discount.

In the case that the holder is part of a family unit, family book or certification of the individual sheet of the Civil Registry of each of the members of the family unit. In case of not being part of a family unit, individual sheet of the Civil Registry or any document issued by the competent authority that accredits the applicant’s marital status.

Bono social endesa

If all the data provided are correct and the user actually meets the conditions, Energía XXI will accept the application within a maximum period of 15 days. Once approved, the customer will see a discount on their next electricity bill that will depend directly on their socioeconomic situation.

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Those who wish to apply for the Endesa social bonus online will have three ways to do so: through an online form, PDF form and the Energía XXI mobile app. Below, we explain how to carry out the process in each of these cases.

Another way to request this aid is by downloading and filling in the Endesa social bonus application form (PDF). Once all the information has been filled in, the application must be sent through the following channels:

It is also possible to request the social bonus through Endesa’s app “Energía XXI Bono Social”, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. The process through the mobile application is the same as the online form, although the documents will be sent photographed as required.

Endesa customers

The Government has applied new measures to the Bono Social Eléctrico by which it increases the discount on the bill from 25% to 60% for vulnerable consumers and from 40% to 70% in severe vulnerable consumers. This temporary measure will be in effect until March 31, 2022.

Energía XXI is the Endesa supplier authorized to offer the tariffs regulated by the Government, as well as to grant the Bono Social. Depending on the degree of vulnerability of the users, Endesa’s Bono Social applies a different discount on the electricity bill:

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Belonging to one of these groups depends on the level of income and the composition of the user’s family unit. In addition, in order to apply for the Bono Social de Energía XXI it is necessary that consumers meet a series of conditions, collected by Royal Decree 897/2017 of October 7.

It should be noted that the Bono Social prevents the cut-off of the electricity supply to those considered severe vulnerable consumers at risk of exclusion and to essential supplies. Except for these exceptions, in the event of non-payment of bills by any consumer who enjoys the Endesa Energía XXI Social Voucher, there is a period of 4 months to settle the debt before the electricity supply is cut off.