Xiaomi store gran via 2

Xiaomi store gran via 2

Xiaomi gran via 2

Our Xiaomi Mi Scooter has more than 1000 km and the truth is that it works as the first day. Except for a few punctures that we have been able to solve with these spare parts, the Mi M365 is a great scooter. Here you can see the review of the Xiaomi scooter.

It is a comfortable place to buy and test products. Everything reminds us of the Apple Store and is that there are many test terminals and all kinds of accessories and devices perfectly categorized in its 224 square meters, divided into 3 zones. Besides that there is a tremendous team behind with red sweatshirts that are very well distinguished and are willing to help us in everything.

The firm’s senior vice president, Wang Xiang, arrived at the store to cut the opening cordon and in addition to that attended the first buyer in person (he bought two Redmi 5 Plus). The expectation has been impressive as you can see in the photos. From there came the hubbub and we opted to retire to tell you everything we had seen in the presentation.

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The Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic allows you to enjoy the wireless experience all day long thanks to its 20 hours of battery life, ambient noise cancellation system and dual microphone.

The Mi Body Composition Scale 2 allows you to know in detail your body to have a realistic picture of your health and fitness. You can also track your progress thanks to the Mi Fit application.

Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 are wireless earbuds that allow you to listen to music or make calls with total freedom. Up to 12 hours of battery life and an amazing connectivity thanks to its Bluetooth 5.0.

Discover the new Mi Band 6 smart wristband with a 1.56” AMOLED display, 30 sport modes, SpO₂ blood oxygen tracking, heart rate and sleep monitoring and an extra-long battery life. Maintaining your health has never been easier.

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Here you will be able to find all the information about the store that Xiaomi has in Gran via 2 so you can know the opening hours, contact phone number and products sold by the official Xiaomi store in the Gran Via 2 shopping center.

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We can also access the Gran Via 2 shopping center through several buses. Here are the buses that have stops at the door of the mall. They are the buses: 46, 65, 79, H12, L70, L72, L80, L81, L86, L87, L94, L95, V3, N15, N16 and N17.

During the week it is quite quiet, but the evening hours from 18:00 to 20:00 are usually the busiest hours, so if we can avoid them, it will be better. The rest of the time it is much quieter and thanks to that we can be served almost immediately and also, we can see and check the products first hand in a much simpler and more comfortable way.

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This is one of the first stores to open that we were lucky enough to visit. Without a doubt, being able to finally see all the Xiaomi products in a store after seeing them only through a screen (until you got your purchase online) was a new sensation. Many people went mainly to be able to see the skateboard live and to be able to see some phone models that had just been released.

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But many people who were there, could see the rest of the products that the brand has for sale and were quite surprised. Since we can find everything. Sunglasses, headphones, rechargeable pens, rice cookers, backpacks and even towels. Which has made many people realize that the brand has many really interesting products. We should also keep in mind that not only do we get 15% of all the products they bring to market in China. Which is incredible.