Bar sanlucar de barrameda

Bar sanlucar de barrameda

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Fully equipped and refurbished store in Avenida de Canarias is transferred due to its growth. It is in operation and is located in a very good place. The price is negotiable and in case you want to visit it, please contact us.

OPPORTUNITY Bar for rent in full operation with high percentage of profitability. Bar with all the furniture, fully equipped kitchen and large terrace. Located in one of the main streets of G3, surrounded by stores, banks, green areas and bus stop.

Transfer bar in av. Cortijo de las casillas, pino montano, sevilla, bar running perfectly, is transferred for not being able to attend to have other businesses, bar abacería, interested parties can see it without commitment. Urgent.

Cafeteria, Bar in excellent location, supply area, seating for 75 people and terrace of 10 tables, constant passage of people, in front of National Police, documentation, in front of schools and sports center, permanent customers. Fully equipped, agreements with suppliers, ready to enter and continue billing. We are Real Estate Agents, mimejorproyecto Gestión Hostelera.

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Restaurants sanlúcar de barrameda

Located in the Plaza del Cabildo, this is an ideal place for tapas and try one of the best shrimp omelettes in Cadiz. Of course, I recommend you arrive early because it is usually full and they do not reserve a table.

To get to the restaurant you will have to cross the Bodegas de La Cigarrera. A beautiful and picturesque establishment where you can taste good wines and also, for 5€ per kilo, they will prepare the fish or seafood you buy in the square located just in front.

El Colorao is a restaurant-bar located in Sargenta Street with a very good value for money. A place without great luxuries but with excellent service and products such as top quality fish, which also have a takeaway service.

Casa Bigote is perhaps the best known place to eat in Bajo de Guía. A benchmark that has a restaurant and a tavern, something more to report, where you can taste fish and seafood of the highest quality.

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REF V-2153 Under IS A BAR of 100 m for sale is on the Paseo Alfonso XIII in a very central location has bar license is fully prepared to open as a bar or any other business price 110,000 € is a bargain.

  Piensos semihúmedos para perros sells Bar / Restaurant with Special Bar license, can be open until 04.30 am. At full capacity. Fully assembled. Large terrace. Differentiated areas of bar, restaurant and private area with another bar and stage for concerts and events. The local has more than 330 m2 and 100 m2 of basement/storage, spectacular, impeccable and modern on the same street floor. With fixed clientele.

Commercial premises of 69 m2 and 77 square meters in the south of Vitoria. Currently divided into 2 (bar with license and overfloor) and greengrocer. Exceptional terrace area for bar. It is sold together for possible expansion of bar. The building does not have smoke vent.

San lucar de barrameda what to see

Nowadays, technology has managed to make many things easier for us; what could be difficult before to find a restaurant or a bar that suits our tastes, is now something we can do in two minutes, without the need to go out and walk around every corner, all from our phones!

Their price range is from EUR 5 to EUR 20. They are located at Plaza Victoria, 1, 11540. Do not hesitate to try their menu during your stay, you should not leave without having a nice time there.

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With a price range that varies between EUR 15-30, it is one of the restaurants with one of the healthiest menus, while still enjoying a myriad of delicious flavors. Among the reasons why it stands out, we have: a friendly service, wines of infarction, as well as an exquisite and varied food.

In fact, there are people who rank it as the best in the place, their drinks are of quality and the food they offer is not far behind. Undoubtedly, it is an incredible place to hang out, all for costs ranging from 5 euros.