Arribes del duero salamanca

Arribes del duero salamanca

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One of the best ways to appreciate the magnetism of the Spanish-Portuguese natural border is to take a tour of the viewpoints of the Arribes del Duero. Their orography allows them to abound and each one of them provides a totally different view. There are in Salamanca, Zamora and Portugal and most of them are very accessible. After almost a decade touring this natural park unknown to many and forgotten by others, we believe it is time to make a review of some watchtowers where photographs become postcards.

The Douro International Natural Park is the Portuguese version of the Arribes. A protected area that covers the border that delimits the river and also leaves numerous viewpoints. On the road linking Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo with Barca d’Alva we have the watchtower of Alto da Sapinha. Inaugurated in 2005, the viewpoint has a picnic area and offers sensational views of the mouth of the Águeda River in the Douro next to the Vega Terrón pier.

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El Corazón de las Arribes S.L. with C.I.F.: B-37383221 and registered in the Mercantile Register Volume 272, Section 8, Folio 178, Sheet SA 7988, with registered office in Calle Santa Margarita s/n, C. P. 37251, Aldeadávila de la Ribera (Salamanca).

Since 1995 the company, El Corazón de las Arribes, S.L. began the adventure of navigating the Duero in one of the most rugged, unspoiled and inaccessible corners of the river, in the heart of the Arribes. The possibility of offering tourists this privilege has been a challenge.

We offer guided FLUVIAL ROUTES, didactic-environmental in the Duero River, within the Natural Park ARRIBES DEL DUERO in Salamanca. During the crossing a guide gives complete information about fauna, flora, geology, ethnography and other aspects of the ARRIBE.

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The boat trip through the Arribes Salamanca offers an unusual perspective of this spectacular natural area. And not only for the view it offers of its hidden corners at the foot of the cliffs. Also for all that the traveler learns during navigation about the living conditions that prevailed until a few decades ago in such a wild place. I tell you about it in detail in this report. Remember that booking your accommodations through Siempre de Paso helps me to generate free content for you to enjoy.

There are several ways to do it – umbrellas, boats – and it is possible at different points. One of them is aboard the catamaran “Corazón de las Arribes” that travels the 11 kilometers between the Rostro beach, near Aldeadávila de la Ribera, and the dam of the hydroelectric plant of Aldeadávila, in the province of Salamanca.

And the experience is like turning a sock inside out. Seeing the other side of the moon. The back of the tapestry. Because the hour and a half that the trip lasts is also the best way to approach the Arribes -feminine in the province of Salamanca- that keep, for the outsider, many more secrets than those that are intuited in a quick glance from the viewpoints.


The flora of North African origin represents up to 12% of the plants known in the Arribes del Duero Natural Park. The mesomediterranean floor hosts refugee species from other times, such as juniper or hackberry.

The Ethnological Museum of Puerto Seguro offers us a return to past lives, in this land where influences of ancient and current borders cross, more or less subtle stripes that are also in the trades and daily tasks.

La Bouza The oldest document preserved in the Municipal Archives of Ciudad Rodrigo, from 1211, refers to the donation made by Alfonso IX of this place of Vilabouça to the Monastery of Santa Maria de Aguiar, near Castelo Rodrigo. It remained so until the 19th century.

As a backbone of the space is the Douro, natural border with Portugal. There are also two screens that show us images of both the viewpoints of Arribes and the Network of Natural Areas of Castilla y León. You will be welcomed by monitors who will give you detailed information about routes, facilities and activities.

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