Imitacion la vie est belle mercadona

Imitacion la vie est belle mercadona

Essence cotton cotton blue lidl equivalence

Perfumes are a very personal thing with which we identify ourselves and even leave a mark on others. However, some of the most popular and famous perfumes are a bit expensive and that’s where clones and equivalents come in handy.

And of course, in the Mercadona Perfumery we can also find some very famous perfume clones at much lower prices. Some may not be exactly the same, but they are similar enough so that once put on the skin, we can not differentiate one from the other.

What it smells like: It is a floral perfume with notes of magnolia, rose, lily and peony with a base of amber and cedar. The Mercadona version is a little less woody and a little sweeter but they are very similar.

What it smells like: A fruity fragrance with a luminous and refreshing scent, with citrus notes of grapefruit, apple, mandarin and neroli that lead to a fresh heart with watery notes that combine with the sweet touch of cherry and exciting flowers such as gardenia and apple blossom.

Zara imitation perfume

Mercadona’s beauty products are going from strength to strength. Its creams and cosmetics have found their way into many homes and everything points to the fact that the same will happen with its colognes.

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Many of them have a fragrance very similar to recognized luxury perfumes, but, needless to say, their price is much lower, making them a very interesting alternative for Valentine’s Day when the budget is very tight.

Rose Nude, a pink floral fragrance ‘imitation’ of Chloé by Choloé. This equivalence contains lici, rose, muguet and musk. However, its price is infinitely more affordable for the pocketbook. 9 euros, compared to 80 that costs the original.

Mercadona has Monogotas in different scents, including apple, which is equivalent to DKNY’s Be Delicious perfume. It is made with green notes, violet leaves, apple, grapefruit and magnolia, and costs less than 4 euros, compared to 50 euros for Donna Karan.

It blends orange blossom from the orange tree, with star anise flower, pear and rose. It also has notes of ginger, plum, tuberose, as well as vanilla and cinnamon.  Very Woman retails for 13 euros compared to 65 euros for Classique.


We all like to smell good, don’t we? In Mercadona they understand this and know that when choosing a perfume we not only look at the scent, we also look at whether we feel identified with the smell and if it marries well with our skin, because, in case you do not know, fragrances smell different on each skin.

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In the top notes we find an intense scent of black currants and pear that give way to jasmine and orange blossom in the heart notes of the perfume and its equivalent. In the base notes we can sense patchouli, tonka, vanilla and praline, a sweet touch for a rather intense scent. It is true that the Mercadona equivalence has a less powerful fragrance in the top notes, but the resemblance is striking.

This perfume, the original, is inspired by the freedom of women and has been created by three great French perfumers, as it could not be otherwise. The price of the original perfume is 75 euros, while the equivalence is about 12 euros, an abysmal difference.

Chloé by chloé

Who doesn’t know the mythical Chloé by Chloé perfume? It is a perfume that has been on the market for quite some time and that revolves around the fragrance of roses, hence the name of the equivalence is Rose Nude. The bottle of the equivalence has a certain resemblance since both bottles show the perfume and have a golden touch, but the original is more elegant.

The low-cost version, or equivalent version, has a similar scent, although it is true that it is much less woody and a little sweeter. The price? Around 100 euros, depending on the establishment where you buy it, while the economic version does not exceed 9 euros.

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This perfume, the original, is inspired by the freedom of women and has been created by three great French perfumers, as it could not be otherwise. The price of the original perfume is 75 euros, while the equivalence is approximately 12 euros.

Pure Posion by Dior is a classic fragrance if ever there was one. Within the Pure Poison range we find several models but this one, undoubtedly, takes all the success. It is the perfect perfume for younger girls because of its freshness, and the equivalent of Mercadona follows the same line.