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Based in Bermuda, the Lone Star fund does CaixaBank’s dirty work of evicting and selling its houses through Coral Homes, Servihábitat, Boson and Gramina, its four real estate companies.

Promontoria, Inmoglaciar, Haya Real Estate, Divarian… The fund that most evicts has many faces, a gigantic corporate fabric in Holland and Ireland and headquarters in a 425 meters apartment in Serrano street.

I hope to find arguments against the theories of the Austrian School of Economics in another article since none are presented in this one. Perhaps because the author is not capable of doing so. I am sorry that the limiting beliefs of the author and his followers do not let them see beyond the walls surrounding their minds.

It’s amazing how the word rich has been twisted to become almost an insult, with these thoughts that’s how we are doing. Oh and for another time, I recommend the writer of the article to inform herself a little more to not put her foot in her mouth so much, if it is not too much to ask….

I was going to complain about the brevity, maliciousness and perniciousness of the (if you can call it an article) but thanks to the comments I see that there is no need. Great what happened here declaring the truth.

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Pío MoaAnd the economy, that is, the economic crisis, seems to propel the sails of the PP towards power. And probably towards the storm. Given the absence of alternatives, I consider that anything that contributes to undermine bipartisanship can only be good.

They will argue that the state should not enter into a private decision that should belong to the mother or father. But then let infanticide or any other murder and the whole criminal code not be criminalized. The fetus is another human being being being formed.

Unfortunately… I agree with Mr. Moa. Just look at who are his closest collaborators. The only hope is that in the PP you see valid people (ok, not close to Rajao) and this is nowhere to be seen in the PSOE, only the nouveau riche bandits.

A large part of society is “marxistized”, not by orthodox and communist marxism, but by cultural marxism which is something quite different (in fact it is opposed in several aspects to orthodox marxism).

Just look at Cameron, a so-called conservative party that in England is taking measures that seem more typical of what Izquierda Unida would do here, Christianophobia allowed, defense of Islamic radicalism, endophobia…

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Santiago Abascal, president of the political party Vox, recently stated that “if you give me the choice between Juan Ramón Rallo and a bishop as president of the government, I will choose the bishop”. That is to say, the so-called right-winger Abascal came to contrast conservatism and liberalism (if we understand, as it should be, that a bishop is one of the most faithful representatives of the former and Juan Ramón Rallo himself, director of this house, paradigm of the latter), with which he made it clear that, in his opinion, both philosophies are not in the same boat, not even in economics. As if they were two different and, in many cases, opposing traditions of thought.

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Kuehnelt-Leddihn asserts that “the right has to be identified with individual freedom: it calls for free forms of life that emerge organically, which implies a respect for tradition”. An individual freedom that should not be identified “with a utopian vision whose realization, when such a thing is possible, requires a tremendous collective effort”. Moreover, from this point of view, the weight of tradition, of conservatism (understood as the idea “not of preserving everything, but of preserving what is good”) is capital: “Generations are dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants and, therefore, capable of seeing more things than their predecessors and at a greater distance”. And “if we go back to ground zero, we would have to start all over again”.

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Among his best known contributions are his theoretical analysis of the entrepreneurial function and the “impossibility of socialism”, presented in his book Socialismo, Cálculo Económico y Función Empresarial.[13] Also noteworthy are his contributions to the development of the Austrian Theory of the economic cycle in his book Dinero, Crédito Bancario y Ciclos Económicos and the elaboration of the theory of dynamic efficiency in his book The Theory of Dynamic Efficiency.[14] [15] [16] [16

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Huerta de Soto has managed to create a nurtured school of young academics and disciples. Among them are professors and doctors Philipp Bagus, Miguel Ángel Alonso Neira, David Howden, Gabriel Calzada, Javier Aranzadi del Cerro, Óscar Vara Crespo, Adrián Ravier, Juan Ramón Rallo, María Blanco and Miguel Anxo Bastos, most of whom he has supervised in their respective doctoral theses.[22] The economist Leland B. Yeung, who is the author of the book The Theory of Dynamic Efficiency, is the author of the book The Theory of Dynamic Efficiency.

Economist Leland B. Yeager has cited Huerta de Soto as an example of contempt in economics. Yeager claims that Soto despises general equilibrium theory, citing a passage in which Soto refers to the “pernicious analysis” of equilibrium prices at “the intersection of mysterious curves or functions that lack real existence … even in the minds of the actors involved”.